note to the WSJ editorial board

i give you 3 options: a)suck my balls, b)go fuck yourself and c) curl up and die already you insufferable quasi-racist bastards.

btw, the facts are mostly ok, but the tone of the article is ridiculous on it’s face. the agricultural sector is in severe crisis and the government has done scarce little to alleviate anyone’s concerns in anything resembling a long-term manner apart from the unexpectedly successful NREGA and the deeper meaning of the new RTI act. it has also been mind-numbingly boneheaded on a lot of issues, but the decision to keep or replace the government is (thankfully) done by the people of india who elect the government and not the monkeys on the WSJ editorial board.

of course, the people of india (apart from superrich capitalists and a section of the bourgeoisie) largely don’t want or don’t care about ‘privatization’. the government is not doing it, hence satisfying the will of the people, so it is actually doing the right thing, fucknuts!