Zombee PSA

being a zombie is hard work. i dont know myself, having never died and come back in search of brains, but i hear it all the time. especially in these days of xboxes and playstations, plentiful bourbon and reality TV, it’s probably really hard to find brains of quality, well-exercised brains that can be savoured over a fine wine with the family. not to mention the prominence of so many right-wingers in the world today. and when a zombie logs on to the internet, what do they see? typos galore… though they can’t die of starvation, this probably leaves them feeling pretty unfulfilled.

so spare a thought for the zombees – listen to good music, engage in a bit of critical thinking, don’t booze your brain-cells dead and please use spell-check! – remember, one day you too could be a zombie.

And Now You Know

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