My Future, Foretold

from pretty cool photographer Stephen Eastwood‘s Bio Page

It has been asked is there meaning in shooting pretty pictures of people like you do? Do you find it meaningful and fulfilling? Some have said that fashion and glamour work has left them feeling that it has no meaning and is unjustified, and prefer other areas such as photojournalism?

What is meaningful? Is life? Is shooting ugly people? Is shooting tragic events?

What I do is pure commerce, it is designed to sell products to the masses who are lead like sheep through the use of images and words and flashy slogans into buying products that give them suppose joy, only to find out that they need something else since the joy is fleeting and often leaves as soon as the get their purchase home, so they go to buy the new next best product. All the while they work at deadend jobs to be able to buy more meaningless stuff until they die.

And I get paid a lot to shoot pretty people to make that cycle continue to happen!


Now I need to go buy some new stuff to make myself feel better about that.

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