june 21st

was an epic day – zero views on this here blog

only posted to remove expletive from top of blog :-D

8 thoughts on “june 21st

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOe1!@!$ actually i just told a few relatives about this here blog, dont want them to think it’s about me swearing all the Goddamn time .. oops!

  1. People were driving like total **$%*&*#*s!@!1!! today and I was accused by my lamblets of being a sailor… I generally try to bleep and/or control myself, but today, it was IMPOSSIBLE!!@!

  2. i can say that thanks to the reports of swearing, my hits went way up to 32 from zero

    No shit! That’s fucking awesome, aif!!! Damn!

  3. One more thought… your hits might have gone up because you actually had a post… just sayin’…

    You might try adding photos of cute cats with funny captions.

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