set heat to glowering resignation

some people may wonder why i have taken to blogging about chai, when i was more in the vein of pointing out various injustices in the world for so long. actually, even I wonder why i am blogging about chai instead of all those relevant issues and the power grabs and all the other BS so in abundance around us…

truth is that i am kind of tired, tired that even though i recognize all these things, the very people i live with and around just don’t care… no one says anything and all voices are squashed despite their optimism.

add to this a kind of rage that wells up and dissipates periodically on it’s own and well i am still confused..

i have no idea WTF is up… so yeah. expect more chai type stuff till i figure things out

HAPPYNESS! :):) UPDATE: just so you know, there is indeed a perfect job for just about anyone – we just have to figure it out…

update update: um some really bad coffee dressed up not-so-bad

4 thoughts on “set heat to glowering resignation

  1. I’m right there with ya, aif. And it’s not even because those around me in my real life don’t care. They seem to. It’s just that it’s a big ball of FAIL and it seems there’s nothing to be done about it. And it ain’t ever gonna change.

    So, let’s focus on chai and other fun stuff that makes life worth living.

    Cuz it sure ain’t the likes of Pat Buchanan or anyone else involved in that circus of a mess.

  2. All that being said, don’t think for one minute that when it really hits the fan that I won’t join the resistance! Although, it’ll probably never come to that in some huge dramatic way. They’re sucking the life out of us little by little, wearing us down. Resistance is futile. lol

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