False Alarm

some of you may have been wondering and worrying where all those scientists who used to pop-up with impossibly gigantic-scale inventions had gotten off to, you need look no farther than TED videos

this from a BBC news story

“The threat is desertification. My response is a sandstone wall made from solidified sand,” said Mr Larsson, who describes himself as a dune architect.

The sand would be stabilised by flooding it with bacteria that can set it like concrete in a matter of hours.

he does acknowledge certain key facts:

The scheme would also have advantages for nearby populations, he said. For example, it could be excavated he said to provide shade, shelter or as a structure to collect water.

However, Mr Larsson admitted that the scheme faced numerous practical problems.

“There are many details left to explore in this story: political, practical, ethical, financial. My design is fraught with many challenges,” he said.

“However, it’s a beginning, it’s a vision; if nothing else I would like this scheme to initiate a discussion,” he added.

i can see the future now – his aims at stopping desertification thwarted, Dr Larsson grows mad with rage against the scientific community that threatened him. In his secret equatorial lair in the heart of the Congo, he mutates the sand-stoning bacteria into a controllable source of human-stoning(that didnt come out quite right) and becomes – Sandstone man! who will save us from such a future?! WHO??????

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