Carbon Negativity

I have thought up a brilliant strategy. now that many people are desirous of earning some environmental-friendly street cred(literally) we see claims of corporations and in some cases, prominent people claiming to be ‘carbon neutral’ i think it’s time to take it to the next level and pressure people to ‘go negative’. it’s a brilliantly simple strategy, and if implemented widely may cause people to re-think carbon credits themselves(a good thing in my opinion)

the reasoning is simple – once you have gone all the way to being neutral, it’s a small step to go negative. buy a few extra credits beyond your neutrality. if someone whines about lost profits – you can well ask if they are willing to profit AT THE COST OF THE ENTIRE PLANET! or whether ‘THE COST OF A CLEAN PLANET IS TOO MUCH TO BEAR’ some equally dire but entirely plausible sequence of words. you know, like advertising.

feel free to point out loopholes, this is a thought i had while on the pooper and though i would share (didn’t really intend to share the last part – only did it because pooper is such a great word)

8 thoughts on “Carbon Negativity

  1. That’s a good idea. I think the environmental movement can learn a lot from the way conservatives frame things. You simply ask if you want your children to have clean air and water or if you want them to live in a polluted dystopian hellhole akin to Blade Runner, then show a baby.

  2. I think there are some major things we can do that need to be done without regard to this plan:

    1. Turn OFF the lights. Sorry, NYC skylight but you need to be turned off.
    2. Stop mountain top removal.
    3. Free college to anyone willing and smart enough to work on other energy solutions.
    4. Carpool. Workplaces need to stop allowing us to each bring our own vehicle.
    5. Lose weight and cut our meat consumption in 1/2.

    This alone would save a whole generation.

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