Doop HQ goes capitalist!

so we collected the first rent for usage of our studio today. I am sure in some way that this taints me as a capitalist, albeit with a small-c. the irony is not lost on me… “i need to make rent as well”… blah.

11 thoughts on “Doop HQ goes capitalist!

  1. @ BG – you betcha! mmmhmm! my colleague is actually starting down that road – why do we have to pay VAT on this? HOW much sales tax are we getting?

    @Snag – Inshallah!!!!

    @Jennifer – it’s ok, i;ll still drop by and taint your blog :)

  2. I think the question with capitalism is whether it meets the needs and expectations of the people it affects. People might really appreciate the services you provide, and the broader community might be fine with it. On the other hand, if you are taking advantage of people with no other options, or doing something the community doesn’t know or approve of, that sets the stage for conflict.

    Personally, I think capitalism always tends toward this latter scenario, insofar as competition creates bigger and bigger claims to the social wealth, puts greater distance between production and consumption, and consolidates power amongst those with (productive) property.

    But that’s not to say there aren’t many proprietor/employee/consumer/community relationships that aren’t mutually beneficial. The main question is whether private claims to property and resources can be justified vis-a-vis the “stakeholders” they affect. Sometimes they can, though often not.

  3. JRB with the serious pants! Needless to say, i Agree with what is said above, and heartily endorse it.

    I am trying to take care to NOT go down the path where i am taking unfair advantage, to which the usual response from partners/colleagues is ‘why?’

    and then i am stuck…

  4. Sorry, dude; I hardly ever take them off. And when I do, that’s when you know I’m serious!

    Do your partners/colleagues admire people that take advantage of them? It’s worth asking ourselves what kind of people we want to become before we regret the finished product.

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