Television – world’s foremost social science thought experiment!

I have long disliked soaps, and shows that follow the soap opera pattern in general. However, upon contemplation in my secret cave, i came upon a sudden realization which i am going to share with you… but first a dramatic PAUSE~!

OK, that was lame. But i think that most serials are extended thought experiments, of course funded by advertisements, but at their core they are thought experiments. Here’s my reasoning:

Soaps – at their heart, they are a way of figuring out what happens when the protagonists(mentally challenged people) are taken advantage of by the antagonists(mentally AND morally challenged people) and the advice of slightly less challenged people is often ignored, as in real life.

Crime Shows – these often sordid tales detail the banal experience of cops (ethically challenged people) trying to capture the villains(not quite entirely bonkers people) who are preying on the protagonists, but sometimes they prey on the antagonists (See above) as well

News shows – A forum where the very fabric of existence is relentlessly called into question, by continuously stoking a debate on the line between facts and truth, literally pitting people with varying degrees of mental(and linguistic) afflictions against each other to probe the depths of human morality, on either side of the viewing screen.

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