Worst. Blog. Year. EVAR!

while this blog has been on a downswing for a while, this year probably is the apotheosis of apathy i have shown towards the medium. it’s not just this medium, but my twitter account has fallen fallow as have my yahoo mail, orkut etc. all in favour of the demon facebook.

aiding in this has been the fact that me and a friend have started a studio, which is proving to be a tremendous drain on this thing i used to have in spades called free time.

In all, it has been an eventful year for me, starting on a tremendous high and ending on a slightly less positive note – mainly my regret at not travelling much, except for work.

As for the world in general, it remains fucked up – if not more so, and we are not likely to see anything of a respite in that, primarily because we are more interested in hats.

so goodbye 2009, you mark the end of a unique historical curiosity because we won’t see the two zeros stuck together for another 100 years, a time that i have zero interest sticking around to witness.

so this kind of turned into a ramble, huh?

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