Signature Issues

Today, i was called to the bank for the 3rd of 4th time in as many months, cause my signatures on a cheque didn’t match. This is a known problem – even in the application form for this account, which required my signature in 4-5 places(and which the bank staff so generously show me each time to jog my memory), the signatures don’t match from one page to the other.

It wasn’t always thus. This is obviously not my first bank account and I have never had any issues with my signatures previously. This is a major issue now, because this is a business account and not a personal one. In the event that any of my partners are not available to sign, it will prove to be a major disaster for me. Just perplexed about how i am going to correct it.wondering if any of you have had such issues and if so, how you ended up resolving them…

One thought on “Signature Issues

  1. After signing mortgage papers or some other sort of papers where you must sign 8 million times, I’ve seen my signature go through numerous changes… some due to hand spazzes, some due to an alternate personality coming out… who knows. I’ve been fortunate though and have never had an issue with it.

    Maybe you need to ask your evil twin to back off and only let you sign, if only for consistency.

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