Take that and rewind it back!

ohhhhhhhhh snap! who knew i would go there?!!?!?

everyone else is doing that archive digging thing and you know, i came to the realization that my blog was (and to some extent is) nothing more than what it is now fashionable to call a ‘tumblelog’. and hence i have a tumblelog as well. it’s called predictably, doop HQ, Junior. It’s automatic, so it captures most of the long form and short form content that i grab from around the world. I have also not made a good meaty post in quite some time, and as of now, there are all these thoughts that need to be written down but are not willing to be made captives of pen/paper or a keyboard. Hence, the archive digging. PS: I have apparently been a a bit(okay bit more than that) gloomy for the past 2 and a half fucking years – i need help!

ok, on a lighter note – here’s a Celeb Dream Cameo from quite a while back that involves swimming, and that rarely sighted beast, Lance ‘Manly Man’ Mannion.

we decide to kick off from San Francisco, but Snag drops out at the last minute because some team in Frisco urgently need a coach. after some debate at a smokey coffee shop(!!!), we decide to continue without him. as soon as we kick off, BG and Mannion tear away into the lead. BG makes short furious strokes, and Mannion is rather elegant and smooth. Jennifer is a close second(though i can’t remember what kind of strokes she employed) I was barely able to keep them in my sight all the while complaining about the bad effects of saltwater whereas PP in his red sweatsuit was being slightly lethargic, probably ready to spring a surprise. we swam all the way over to the indian ocean when suddenly i decide to invite them home to see what life was like. we swam all the way to chennai and took an autorickshaw to my grandma’s place, still soaking wet when i was awoken by the shrill calling of my mobile phone.


i still love you guys even if i dont blog much these days!

PPS: I would like to take a moment to mourn the passing of my first blog, cinematic rain and my second blog, Fuzzy Words. While i have no backup of the first one, i do have an archive of the second one. it’s up at http://fuzzywords.wordpress.com but for some reason quite incomplete. I will have to dig up the backup files and update…

2 thoughts on “Take that and rewind it back!

  1. I remember that dream post. It was awesome and I wish we all could have ended up at your home to see what life was like and what Grandma’s was like!

    Back at ya with the bloggy love, aif.

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