Dept. of continuing education – I

My partners and I have been shooting at the Bulk Packing conference here in Hyderabad, and I never knew so many things went into industrial packaging, never knew what a huge field it was, and what a huge impact it has on the environment even before it gets to the consumer. Let me just say that environmentalists would be better served by attending a few of these conferences – a lot of the waste in packaging originates at the industrial level and while consumer waste must be tackled, making packaging of these bulk materials environmentally friendly should be top priority for most people who wish to change the planet. This is due to the extremely large amounts of materials being handled (India exports a few hundred million of the following: plastic and metal barrels, pallets of various varieties, drums, cartons, pails, buckets etc. the numbers are really astounding.)
I am learning the main reason most people find conferences boring and uninteresting – and they are not without reason at all – because they probably attend 10 different conferences and present the same thing over and over and listen to the same(or similar) set of people saying the same things again and again, it must get tiring really fast. So it’s really great to be a photographer, which translates essentially to being a fly-on-the-wall, and I tend to learn some very interesting things at different places each time….

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