Dept. of Continuing Education – II: IndiBlogging

For far too long has this blog straddled half the world, with the majority of lovely readers drawn from a select crowd who create internets based excellence, but from thousands of miles away. I decided to straddle the here and the now instead(sorry, here and now but you are going to have to get used to it), and decided to plunge into the world of Indian Bloggers. And there were 150 of them. Some were even professional. Some were blogging about nothing, some about everything. a couple of folk had 50 blogs(!!) and a couple had none. There were bloggers in Hindi and Telugu (big ups!), there were bloggers blogging about issues related to seniors and other bloggers blogging about kids. A full spectrum was seen today. A Spectrum that, towards the end (and after some good food at the Fortune Manohar hotel), decided to create a community of bloggers in Hyderabad.

Is this going to create rock history? no – not really. Is it going to change our lives? possibly maybe. But I think it is a form of organizing with potential. And with nothing else in my life, really, to cheer about these days (apart from temporarily profitable employment – see post below)

PS: the food was excellent, and i won a prize for a quiz on the internets by Riyaz.

Tips for the Indiblogger team:
1) Next time, PLEASE plan for a whole day. Most of the time today was spent meeting & greeting each other and i still have a chart full of people whose blogs I need to take a look at.
2) Better wi-fi support – I gathered that it was a miscommunication with the hotel, but it would have greatly helped to keep it more interesting.
3) More plug points! – My laptop died and nearly had a seizure (a topic for a separate post) for lack of power.

14 thoughts on “Dept. of Continuing Education – II: IndiBlogging

  1. Hey Aditya, congrats on winning the prize. Riyaz the quiz was brilliant. We too wish we had more time to continue the meet with more session. Thanks for the pic :)

  2. Short and sweet review. Congrats on your quiz prize. I knew the correct answer (newsnet) to just one question but before I could raise my hand, another smart blogger rushed ahead! I agree with your PS.

  3. thank you all for the comments :-D I have been inundated with work and will probably be able to communicate back once i’m back into a regular schedule of unemployment, which is anytime after Apr. 23rd

  4. :) Caught you finally! Neither Twitter, nor tweetups and definitely not any Indiblogger meets give me this satisfaction than interacting on blogs. Feels like home. :P

    The meet was great, and yeah, I felt too that there could’ve been more than just a general intro. But then, they probably didn’t expect so many to turn up.

    You have a great blog, this one. Will keep visiting! :)


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