Fun Update

Roasting in 40+ degree (celsius, my american compadres) heat everyday is not fun. Shifting your beloved apartment into a shiny new, but not so beloved house in said heat is further not fun. furthermore to not having fun in the above mentioned regards, i have to commute (over 35KM each way) now and have fearlessly joined the class of people currently taking a giant dump upon our collective future. in addition to above not having fun parts is the fact that there is neither the inane banter of cable/sattelite TV (yet), the refreshing and entertaining virtual avenues of the internet, nor the anachronism of the newspaper to keep us company. there are a few rowdy stray dogs that bark at you if you come home after dark though. oh and there are the frogs and accompanying snakes, and the occasional Owl at night. So, yes, updates will continue to be light-weight.

2 thoughts on “Fun Update

  1. Hissss…!! Snakes too?? God! Where did you move to, by the way?
    Yes, the “40+” is scaring us even to take a hand-wash after eating something, leave alone the shower. This phenomenon seems to be repeating and intensifying in the coming years undoubtedly. We all have nothing to do but being prepared.

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