Kill the poor

Let us be perfectly clear: In the face of epic food-price inflation(over 10% for most of the past year), the Prime Minister of India – who heads the executive arm of the Government of India – is actively denying release of a staggering amount food-grains which are going to literally(not joe biden) rot in warehouses to the poverty stricken in this country. At the same time, there is going to be no regulation or investigation into the activities of commodity and derivatives traders who have contributed significantly to the current level of food prices.

With the Prime Minister of India so smugly asking the Supreme Court to stay away from ‘policy formulation’, I guess it is obvious that the official state policy of India is to starve already deprived people, maybe to death, in order to preserve their market incentives for production of foodgrains in the future.

“But to say that we can give foodgrains free, quite frankly, if we do that on a large scale you would destroy the incentive of our farmers to produce more food and if there is no food available for distribution what will you distribute?”

How about Cake, Mr. Singh?

6 thoughts on “Kill the poor

  1. Wasn’t thisn British colonial policy during the 19th century? Also in the names of pure capitalism? Wow. The horrific irony, it burns.

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