A Love/Hate Relationship

It turns out that on average, I take about 2000 photos a month. Going through them after some time – a couple of weeks – has passed, I realize that they are mostly poor. Yet i cannot bring myself to delete them. I come back after still more time – a month or so – has passed and my computer has warned me repeatedly about space running out and ruthlessly delete stuff. and i am left with 1000 photos a month.

and I cannot believe that I have 1000 good photos a month. i would say that 900 of them are average or below. of the remaining hundred there may be 10 good ones. but though i know this, I cannot bring myself to hit the delete button on them.

i’m beginning to think that life was easier with film…

3 thoughts on “A Love/Hate Relationship

    • well, i wouldnt say i was necessarily more selective, but i certainly dont have the wherewithal or customer base to spend nearly 1000 US$ a month purchasing and processing film!

      also, the thing with film is that you dont really have to worry too much about doing the colour corrections or post processing or retouching – there used to be a person for each of those jobs. all of whom want a lot more money for doing the same stuff on digital…

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