Musical Fusion at Fotogenesis

On a visit to Lamakaan, Sharath and I happened upon the musical performance of Mehraj, a relatively new (and extremely promising) band that was performing fusion-rock music of their own composition as well as some innovative cover songs which effectively indianized many classics of the rock genre. Their first big break happened this past Thursday with a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Hyderabad. Since Mehraj needed some promo pics, we shot a small set of photos for their posters and promotions and even invited them to jam at our place on weekends. Following are some photos we shot at our studio, and some videos of their performances from the Hard Rock Cafe gig (which we had to jury-rig).






5 thoughts on “Musical Fusion at Fotogenesis

  1. Yes, i did. But I won’t say which day it was, on the grounds, etc.

    Also, I did listen to them all at the same time, because I’m a wiseass.

    But to be a bit more serious, it sounds awesome, but I have to also admit it’s very different from what my ears have been accustomed to.

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