Ahem, Pinko!

What, I say WHAT is the deal with you not commenting on doop HQ? And why do i still have to write for a blog post to show up and comments to appear? I thought by signing up for the 3B! fashionable internet commune and submitting vaguely relevant but .5Ass headers, I wouldn’t have to do all that crap anymore! Why Do Zombies and Jennifers get all the louvwe? geographical discrimination is still discrimination!


7 thoughts on “Ahem, Pinko!

  1. But Jennifers and Zombehs send love your way!

    Pinko can’t even find his own blog these days… something you two seem to have in common. :)

  2. Because every time I come over here it changes and I think I am at the wrong blog. I get nervous. Like I dialed a wrong number.

    I do think the font is awesome- what is it “Saul Bass”?

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