The Expense Account is bloated

Konica Auto S3

Konica Auto S3 with my foot in the background

Thanks to the generous information provided by a kind mentor, and thanks even more to my mom for spotting me a bit of cash during the interstitial no-money days, I have picked up two cameras that are older than me, and are also more expensive to maintain than I am. The first, above, is a Konica Auto S3 from around 1974. It’s a svelte snapshot of japanese high-tech at the time, and at the same time it’s an enduring design that has recently had some sort of a revival – with Olympus, Ricoh, Fujifilm(!!) and Sony among others pulling back from the size and megapixel monsters being proliferated by the two camera colossi Canon and Nikon. On the other hand is another camera of older provenance than I am though due to it’s long production run, it could be anywhere from 1 to 25. This camera is hefty enough to serve as a blunt weapon in times of need, and I am sure that hanging this off my neck will cause severe vertebral degradation at some point in the future. But it’s so worth it!

Mamiya C220

Mamiya C220

I have put a couple of rolls of film through both of them and will report on them when i can.