The Supreme Court of India has upheld legislation for dramatically increasing the affirmative-action quotas at institutes of higher learning. the legislation effectively takes the quota to 49% and encompasses all sections of society that belong to scheduled castes and tribes(22%) and other backward classes(OBC’s who get most of the new 27%). This does not include those who are economically well-off, for obvious reasons.

Given the treatment meted out to the so-called ‘lower’ castes in India over the past few centuries at least, this is a reasonable first step towards social justice. now if only they could bring the same attempted fairness into agricultural policy and foreign relations, we’d be well on our way to a just state. i’m not holding my breath on this front, however.

For all the furore raised by certain sections of the news media about the system in institutes of higher education in india, the fact remains that the government has rather consistently stated that this will not affect the ‘general’ category and that the quotas will be met through increased capacities rather than restricting entry. of course, whether the government is willing to spend the necessary amount to bring the same quality or pulls a u-turn on this, effectively crippling the quota system, will determine the final outcome of the legislation.


scenes of unrestrained joy and happiness rang throughout the streets of india, along with plenty of fireworks and the latest music, as india beat pakistan(barely) in the final of the first ever world twenty20 cricket championships. it was a match to remember, and the excitement was barely contained in the AIF household, leading to quiet a few whoops and hollers.

regular blogging will resume, now that there is no exciting ass cricket to distract us.

weekend random random: surprisingly clash-free

and no screw-ups this time, it’s from the “My Top Rated” playlist!!(which may be a big screw-up on it’s own)

1) Gone – Kanye West (with Cam’Ron & Consequence) – Late Registration

I like this album, though it’s got a couple poor songs on it. This song is one of the best, that AFAIK didn’t have a single.

2) Coma Girl – Joe Strummer+The Mescaleros – Streetcore

Just crank it up, find an excitement gang of your own.

3)  36-24-36 – Violent Femmes – Add It Up

so i have a greatest hits album. sue me. it’s still a fun song. ok, bite me, losers!

4)  Civil War – Guns’n’Roses – Use Your Illusion II

I didn’t pay attention to GNR lyrics till i heard this song. That was another WHOA moment for me.

5) Somebody to Love – Queen – Greatest Hits I

Classic stuff, and I still sing along to it. me love multi-tracked choruses!!(still no clash? that’s odd – Ed.)

6) Greatest Mistake – Handsome Boy Modelling School – White People

one of the lowest of my ‘top rated’ at 3 stars, but this one is a great post-makeup(after breakup) song.

7) Let Forever Be – Chemical Brothers – Singles ’93-’03

How many ads has this song been in in that time period? A lot. but it’s still a nice song, even if you’re not doing the LSD that the song references.

8) Let’s Trade Skins – Great Lake Swimmers – Bodies and Minds

From the last album I purchased from emusic, it’s a nice song, if you’re a taxidermist!!(where the hell are the clash already? – Ed.)

9) Shangri-La – The Kinks – The Ultimate Collection

bringing the heavy stuff. i do just want to sit in my shangri-la, if i could just find it.

10)  Sound & Vision – David Bowie – Low

BOUNCEYBOUNCEYBOUNCEY. great song. i would play this at every party if i had parties anymore.

Bonus “Why the hell won’t this thing find The Clash anymore?” Track:

11) Little Miss Disaster – The Damned – Little Miss Disaster

Bought this album for a pretty penny here after i read the book Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail. It’s got a nice tune going, the lyrics are great. i urge y’alls to lissenz

wow, i cant believe i went 11 songs without the Clash. actually make it 12. the next song that popped up was ‘She’s the One’ by The Beta Band

o hai!

Ok, so this is not really about  LOLcats, though they are pretty wikked.

I’ve moved the entire Fuzzywords archive over to http://fuzzywords.wordpress.com, and there they will stay until i have become rich and powerful enough to unleash those demon forces back on an unwitting populace.  blogging will continue here and here alone, though you may visit and comment there.

movin on down.

Fuzzy Words is Dead. It became like this huge burden upon my head, and i didn’t really want it anymore because of that. it’s given me some great times, so i feel pretty bad, but i just dont feel like such a plan is meant for me either :(