the games, the games

Nothing will be allowed to disrupt the games. Can’t drink the water, can’t breathe the air, can’t bathe in the water, can’t guarantee the purity of the food, can’t guarantee the safety or construction of the venues — Nothing can be allowed to disrupt the games. If they have to wipe out Tibetan and Urghurs and half the ethnic minorities to do it, nothing will be allowed to disrupt the games. Ah, so what will the world do? Boycott? China will bristle and NOTHING WILL BE ALLOWED TO DISRUPT THE GAMES! Economic sanctions? China has lots of reserves and makes the Soviets in 1980 look like Lichtenstein in terms of economic clout. NOTHING WILL BE ALLOWED to disrupt the games.

Crusader AXE SMASH!!

man and god and law

It was 20 years(and a few months) ago today

Q: Do you feel good about things now generally?

JS: Oh man, you know. There’s certain things you gotta decide in life…. If you ain’t confronting them–if you ain’t thinkin’ about man and God and law, then you ain’t thinkin’ about nothin’. There ain’t no use thinkin’ about sex or drugs or rock ‘n’ roll. That’s all red heriings. If you ain’t thinkin’ about man and God and law then you ain’t thinkin’ about nothin’.

Q: What do you think about man and God and law? Do you believe in God?

JS: Well, I would say it was about time that you believe in something. And sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll ain’t it…. A lot of people used to think they were.


funnily enough, i am rather immune to memes but like quizzes. however i would like to jump on this particular memewagon, such as it is, thanks to the graciousness of our erstwhile cookie queen Jennifer. this is in no small part due to being on my 234th reading of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

the rulz, such as they are(pay attention to this part, those about to be goosed)

• look up page 123 in the nearest book

• look for the fifth sentence

• then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123

“Exactly”, said Dirk, “bravo!”

“But what’s all that got to do with this… this Detective Agency?”

“Oh, that — well, some researchers were once conducting such an experiment, but when they opened up the box, the cat was neither alive nor dead but was in fact completely missing, and they called me in to investigate.”

(bonus!!! ending of above passage)

“I was able to deduce that nothing very dramatic had happened. The cat had merely got fed up with being repeatedly locked up in a box and occasionally gassed and had taken the first opportunity to hoof it through the window. It was for me the work of a moment to set a saucer of milk by the window and call ‘Bernice’ in an enticing voice — the cat’s name was Bernice, you understand —”
“Now wait a minute…” said Richard.
“— and the cat was soon restored. A simple enough matter, but it seemed to create quite an impression in certain circles, and soon one thing led to another, as they do, and it all culminated in the thriving career you see before you.”

More madness, and a compelling crime drama/mystery/thriller/sci-fi caper all rolled into one if you actually read the book. there are things in there that i did not believe could (or should) be done with, or to, the english language. of course it’s mostly for nerds, but that goes without saying.


Goose/Plover(if he/she/it/avian/superintellectual’s done with l’affaire libertarian)
Goose Publica
Goose 5<< who wants to be it?

Mid-week Random diez – whiteboy edition

1) AutomaticThe Red Devils(Album: King King) Awesome whiteboy blues. that’s not a phrase i use often, or ever, actually. the studio version of the song picks up the tempo a lot more than this realtively mellowed out version.

2) The World You Love – Jimmy Eat World (Futures) I still dont believe I have this album in rotation. Not bad when you’re 19 and involved, but when you’re 24 and single, not so much… stupid emo kids.

3) She’s So Strange – Travis (The Man Who) nice and dreamy song, standard travis fare. nothing ‘especial’ about it.

4) Let Me Down Slow – Rolling Stones (A Bigger Bang) a decent song by anyone else, but this is the freaking Stones we’re talking about. this shark has been jumped many a time.

5) Winnebago Warrior – Mojo Nixon (Dead Kennedys Tribute Album) Very Fun Cover. Fitting tribute to Jello Biafra and his crew.

6) 12:59 Lullaby – Bedouin Soundclash (Street Gospels) Awesome whiteboy reggae music. great song from one of my favourite bands, from a really good album. a little different in tone to their earlier works, but they’re good enough to make it work.

7) Joe’s Head – Kings of Leon (Youth & Young Manhood) a bit of WTF southern rock. i picked this up in a used CD bin in 2004, and fell in love with it instantly.

8) Denis – Blondie (Best of Blondie) It’s Blondie. instant awesomeness. I’m in love with YOU, debbie harry!

9) Little Acorns – The White Stripes (Elephant) YAWTF song. kinda awesome though. save your acorns, bitchez! the housing slump may get you too.

10) I Will See You In Far-Off Places – Morrissey (Ringleader Of The Tormentors) who is this guy? why is he not more popular? what an awesome song. really cool intro to the album, which is quite good in itself.

If your God bestows protection upon you
And if the U.S.A. doesn’t bomb you
I believe I will see you
Somewhere safe
Looking to the camera
Messing around and pulling faces

and that concludes an edition of cocaine-white random ten.

# 11 was this song, so some whiteness reduced but pretty biased random ten this time.


tendulkar 38

it’s been a while, and it shows. he got out in the high 90s a lot of times in 2007.

there has been no one (as far as i know)who has played any sport under so much pressure as Sachin R. Tendulkar. from the age of 16, he has been carrying the hopes of a populous, (mostly)cricket-crazy nation in the wake of scandals that have embarassed so many people, through many injuries big and small, through personal losses, he has performed day in and day out giving his best for the team every time.

to play so consistently in a sport that tests your endurance every time you step out for nearly 20 years, is a feat few people can think of achieving. and to be so humble while doing so, is even more amazing.

and this is only his test career. in the shorter format, he is even more special a player if you look at the numbers.

this man is once-in-a lifetime player, and i am glad it happened in this lifetime.