i am a bit surprised

that nobody misappropriated this song in the aftermath of the bin laden execution/assassination etc. so, i have taken the pains to embed it here for your weekend pleasure. as someone said – this is the thing to do when words are not coming out.


Hello, Flickr!

Hello, Flickr!, originally uploaded by pangalactic gargleblaster.

As can be seen from the above photo, much fun was had in Bangalore, on a rainy night with lots of drinks and delicious food. Thanks go to the wonderful folks of Bangalore, (who have more hair on their head than the people of Hyderabad – Hyderabadis of course have more facial hair.)

in other news, there is a lot more to Bangalore in the back streets :)

Hidden Treasures

Bangalore Back Streets

Dhan TANA!!!!

deadly infectious, obviously inspired from the 70s-style music, but well updated. the lyrics are a little confusing but it’s really well made overall. At least some people have the good sense to seek inspiration in GOOD MUSIC!

a more ‘traditional’ bollywood song, made awesome by the singers singing it and the SEAMLESS transitions between the 2 women singers(my two favourite singers in the bollywood playback industry).

taking a break

it’s gonna be a pretty busy three weeks for me, as i work on my multi-portfolio(17 genresx10 photos – fun)  then help out with arrangements for grandma’s housewarming, and head out of town for some potential industrial photos (part of the 17 genres above)

so very limited blogging till (i’m guessing) nov. 20th. drop me a mail if you want to get in touch, though i will be active on teh flickr.  and happy halloween, thanksgiving, etc.

and if the world order should collapse in the meanwhile, try and have a swig of whatever it is you’re drinking for me too!

i cant believe it’s not a bleg(but it is, so you don’t have to)

as i venture into the uncharted(actually i just lost the charts) territories of a professional life, possibly freelance i marvel at my ability to survive given the disorderliness of my life in general.

so any tips on keeping your work (at least), life and other responsibilities in order (namely keeping track of appointments etc.)would be of great assistance. small tips, life lessons, those pieces of software or hardware that made your life that much easier, etc. will all help.

Last call 2007

It was a bit of a crazy year wasn’t it? especially towards the end there. it wasn’t too bad personally, but the usual crap raged on around the world. but we silly humans, cant avoid this little thing called hope. so let us all hope for a better 2008, if not work towards it. have a happy new year’s and try not to get a hangover on the very first day, people!

going home

The Generations

Picture above (L To R): My cousin, aunt, grandma, great-grandma. 4 generations that remind me that women in my family are just built to last.

going to grandma’s is always a happy experience, almost like a return to the womb. it is the single point that has always been like a home to me over my vagabond life. everyone one else has moved, but grandma and the house on No. 3, 8th street have stayed put for better or worse. of course, eating the best south indian food on the planet earth helps as well :)


goin to grandma’s for about a week. there’s no internet for miles around her house though it’s in the heart of the city. what a wonderful world!

have fun with your non-approved bake-offs and associated bribes. if the world collapses in the next few days, i’ll miss you all :)