A New Project – 105 Portraits with the 105

Nikkor 105mm DC Lens without Filter

As some may have noticed, portraits are not entirely our strong point at Fotogenesis when it comes to photography, and consequently, our portfolio is relatively lacking. However, we have also recently obtained a Nikon AF-Nikkor 105mm f/2D DC lens that is eminently suitable for portraiture. Therefore, I would like to invite you to drop in to the studio for a portrait session(give us an hour or so) where we can get you a real portrait – something that is more than just another picture of you. Something that evokes your inner self. If you do not feel that the studio is a convenient location – and we know without an AC in the summer it can get a bit uncomfortable – please feel free to suggest an alternative location which speaks to you and your spirit and we will try to make it happen. If you know someone who doesnt have many good portraits, this will be a good occasion to nudge them to get them to us.

All sitters will get the jpeg digital files, one 4×6 size photo print and the company of your friends at Fotogenesis for an hour.

Since we are not doing make-up, we would appreciate it if you had a good night’s rest the day before coming to visit us. Trust us, it does make a difference!

Please RSVP on Facebook and we will contact you for an appointment. Please note that This is limited to the first 105 people only.

Hello, Flickr!

Hello, Flickr!, originally uploaded by pangalactic gargleblaster.

As can be seen from the above photo, much fun was had in Bangalore, on a rainy night with lots of drinks and delicious food. Thanks go to the wonderful folks of Bangalore, (who have more hair on their head than the people of Hyderabad – Hyderabadis of course have more facial hair.)

in other news, there is a lot more to Bangalore in the back streets :)

Hidden Treasures

Bangalore Back Streets

2008 – Year In Photos – Part I


First of all, I wish all readers accidental and deliberate, a very Merry Christmas and associated food comas :)

Ok, so 2008 has on average been… an average year. there have been some highs and some lows. I haven’t developed a particular ‘vision’ yet, but it’s an ongoing process and I feel I am better, at least technically, compared to where I began. I decided to share, in one place, some photos that I consider my better work from this year. I have chosen about 10 for each month though there are some months where I have been more productive than others, and that’s reflected in the selections as well.



The first part is the Month of Jan – March 2008. It was a relatively good part of the year, with no signs of the impending doom facing my lamented iBook and half the output of my iPod ahead. Included some experiments with Lighting, quite a few trips to Charminar, and a couple of trips with the Hyderabad Photography Club. At left is a small collage that reflects the goings on of this period…