dear corporate indian media

Fuck you. Yes you. All of you and your ‘Bart’s People‘ pseudo-journalism.

The REAL indian ‘9/11’ happened this day 24 years ago, at almost exactly the same time that i am posting this article on my blog. I speak of the Bhopal Gas Disaster, caused by the negligent actions(or inaction) of the Union Carbide corporation, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemicals. If i had watched only the corporate news media here, i would have forgotten it too. I had to watch Lok Sabha TV (the indian version of CSPAN – link goes to their webcast which requires RealPlayer) to realize this fact.

Of course, it goes unsaid that things have not improved for the victims of that disaster or other small-scale disasters that pepper our regular news reads. there are still no tough worker safety laws, nor are the regulations enforced with any regularity. it wouldnt be shocking if we had another one in the making as well.