Carbon Negativity

I have thought up a brilliant strategy. now that many people are desirous of earning some environmental-friendly street cred(literally) we see claims of corporations and in some cases, prominent people claiming to be ‘carbon neutral’ i think it’s time to take it to the next level and pressure people to ‘go negative’. it’s a brilliantly simple strategy, and if implemented widely may cause people to re-think carbon credits themselves(a good thing in my opinion)

the reasoning is simple – once you have gone all the way to being neutral, it’s a small step to go negative. buy a few extra credits beyond your neutrality. if someone whines about lost profits – you can well ask if they are willing to profit AT THE COST OF THE ENTIRE PLANET! or whether ‘THE COST OF A CLEAN PLANET IS TOO MUCH TO BEAR’ some equally dire but entirely plausible sequence of words. you know, like advertising.

feel free to point out loopholes, this is a thought i had while on the pooper and though i would share (didn’t really intend to share the last part – only did it because pooper is such a great word)