that damn election commission!!

india’s general elections, and concurrently our state elections are both scheduled to start on the 16th and 23rd of april and will run over a month to conducy. on a personal level, this means that my finals will either be advanced ridiculously early (to start in a week) or they will be put off until after the elections. i am willing to bet significant amounts on the latter, which means this may be the year i have sunstroke during my exams (temperatures are already running in the high 30s with relative humidity down in the low 40s).

i have no idea who will be winning, and especially in my state it’s a battle between ridiculously corrupt jerks versus extremely corrupt assholes so i dont particularly care. nationally, i hope for a continuation of the status quo which is a redux of the milquetoast right-wing, but relatively populist government as against the ridiculously right-wing and fundamentalist opposition.