On Idiots and Dinners

DISCLAIMER! I cant really write a review of the play I was invited to by the wonderful people at EVAM, because everytime I go back and think about it, I just remember laughing so hard rather than what was happening on stage. But attempt, we shall!

Evam pulled out another winner from their Happy Factory this eve, with a knockout performance of ‘An Idiot for Dinner’. It took me some time to figure out what the play was about, and the setup with the ‘boomerang guy’ was quasi-pythonesque in it’s tangential relation to the main story. However, once we get introduced to the title character(the idiot), the story unfolds as a series of hilarious events, each one sending a cascade of tears(of laughter) after the other. I dont want to belabour you with the actual story line, but it was an adaptation of le diner de cons a french play that was also made as the hindi movie bheja fry (which i have not seen yet, but am told is equally excellent)

Evam - An idiot for dinner - star cast
(photo courtesy Akhil aka Lazybug)

The characters were excellently cast , with an absolutely pitch-perfect performance from the main character R. Golden Gopu(top left in collage), and his friend Hariharan(centre of bottom row) – both of whom deserved standing Ovations but sadly didn’t get them. The supporting cast was good, but were like candles to the sun compared to the central character of R. Golden Gopu. If there are nits to pick, it is that the main character Rajeev Khelafkar was a bit inconsistent with his physical ailment, but one hardly pays attention to the poor guy(centre of top row) whenever Gopu is on stage. In addition, Rajeev’s Friend Sameer (bottom right) also added the occasional dash of punctuation required to keep the momentum going, and himself did a great job :-D

I really wish I could write more, but all i would say is this – if they staged the exact same play again, I would have no problem lining up and paying the full amount for the tickets to watch this show at least a couple of times more… Good Job, Evam – and looking forward to more :)