Dept. of continuing education – I

My partners and I have been shooting at the Bulk Packing conference here in Hyderabad, and I never knew so many things went into industrial packaging, never knew what a huge field it was, and what a huge impact it has on the environment even before it gets to the consumer. Let me just say that environmentalists would be better served by attending a few of these conferences – a lot of the waste in packaging originates at the industrial level and while consumer waste must be tackled, making packaging of these bulk materials environmentally friendly should be top priority for most people who wish to change the planet. This is due to the extremely large amounts of materials being handled (India exports a few hundred million of the following: plastic and metal barrels, pallets of various varieties, drums, cartons, pails, buckets etc. the numbers are really astounding.)
I am learning the main reason most people find conferences boring and uninteresting – and they are not without reason at all – because they probably attend 10 different conferences and present the same thing over and over and listen to the same(or similar) set of people saying the same things again and again, it must get tiring really fast. So it’s really great to be a photographer, which translates essentially to being a fly-on-the-wall, and I tend to learn some very interesting things at different places each time….

On Idiots and Dinners

DISCLAIMER! I cant really write a review of the play I was invited to by the wonderful people at EVAM, because everytime I go back and think about it, I just remember laughing so hard rather than what was happening on stage. But attempt, we shall!

Evam pulled out another winner from their Happy Factory this eve, with a knockout performance of ‘An Idiot for Dinner’. It took me some time to figure out what the play was about, and the setup with the ‘boomerang guy’ was quasi-pythonesque in it’s tangential relation to the main story. However, once we get introduced to the title character(the idiot), the story unfolds as a series of hilarious events, each one sending a cascade of tears(of laughter) after the other. I dont want to belabour you with the actual story line, but it was an adaptation of le diner de cons a french play that was also made as the hindi movie bheja fry (which i have not seen yet, but am told is equally excellent)

Evam - An idiot for dinner - star cast
(photo courtesy Akhil aka Lazybug)

The characters were excellently cast , with an absolutely pitch-perfect performance from the main character R. Golden Gopu(top left in collage), and his friend Hariharan(centre of bottom row) – both of whom deserved standing Ovations but sadly didn’t get them. The supporting cast was good, but were like candles to the sun compared to the central character of R. Golden Gopu. If there are nits to pick, it is that the main character Rajeev Khelafkar was a bit inconsistent with his physical ailment, but one hardly pays attention to the poor guy(centre of top row) whenever Gopu is on stage. In addition, Rajeev’s Friend Sameer (bottom right) also added the occasional dash of punctuation required to keep the momentum going, and himself did a great job :-D

I really wish I could write more, but all i would say is this – if they staged the exact same play again, I would have no problem lining up and paying the full amount for the tickets to watch this show at least a couple of times more… Good Job, Evam – and looking forward to more :)

The Making of Falooda – now with ACTUAL making!

Wash carefully your choice of glass serving glass
Step 1) Add a cup of Falooda(Basil for you westerners) Seeds
Step 2) Add cup of broken, boiled and chilled Vermicelli
Step 3) Add RoseWater or Saffron Flavouring, sufficiently diluted
Step 4) Chop up roughly 100gms (1/4lb) Kulfi or any really fucking thick ice cream,
Step 5) Pour on the sweetened milk.
Step 6) find yourself in heaven, and if you indulge too often, in the ICU.
any doubts?

moonrise over hyderabad

my first ever time lapse to be made public. i lost the only other one i ever made in the great ibook death of 2008. i know it’s a bit jerky and, well, silent, but it is what it is.

well then…

now the power cuts last 3 hours a day. what;s more troubling is that the whole power grid in the state is 1-2Hz away from total disaster thanks to cityfolk like me and neighbours being greedy pigs.

Notwithstanding the existing demand of 4000 MW, the CPDCL is given a schedule to transmit only 2700 MW. Of this, about 1400 MW is consumed by the Greater Hyderabad region alone despite load shedding. This has forced us to take demand-side management measures,” says U.Vidyasagar, the Divisional Engineer at the Load Monitoring and Restriction Centre at the corporate office.

Rural areas are slapped with total blackouts, except for the 7-hour supply to agriculture. The city, with its needs grown multi-fold over the years, gobbles up much of the power that should go to districts. While the scheduled allocation for the city stands at 15 million units per day, the actual consumption even after load shedding hovers around 17 MU.

Any overdraft from the grid will result in plummeting frequency levels– a continuous threat for the CPDCL officials.

A minimum frequency of 48.5 hertz should be maintained to save the grid from collapse.