your mind takes off, on a flight into who knows where.

you reach that productive meditative state of pondering life’s deepest questions and their solutions (apart from 42 of course)

you don’t mind that you’re in a rickety autorickshaw with 8 other people crammed in

you’re in the goddamn zone, with the answer so close

you get it, the epiphany that makes you smile for a good while.

you think – damn, am i a smart kid or what?

you reach your destination, determined to let someone know of your cleverness

you pay the auto driver the Rs15, pause for change

you’re done transacting and you find a sympathetic ear.

you FUCKING FORGET ENTIRELY WHAT YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT including what it was that led you on your flight of fancy

you go home and write on your blog about it

yeah, that was my day today