In which I enjoy myself enjoying myself

I ditched the stupid emus and went for This Movie instead.

first an aside:

Dear Deepika,

Wow. just WOW.


PS: if this is the first time you’re reading, i don’t capitalize that much. just so you know how WOW you were, and you are. but then you already knew that.

Ok. let me compose myself…

done. now, the movie. never has such a big in-joke been made in bollywood. total film-fan movie, and i have to thank everyone involved in not insulting my intelligence by having any pretensions of a strong story. i cant find any flaws besides lots of product placements, esp. the brand endorsements for Ms Padukone and Mr. Khan. however, that’s probably all the agents’ and studios’ insistence.

to sum up an already short review: full credit to director Farah Khan for
a) flexing her bollywood muscle in getting all the top stars in on the act, especially the whole filmfare thing. brilliant!
b) staying true to bollywood spirit
c) not letting King Khan overshadow everyone else(something she managed admirably in her previous film as well)
d) making what is probably the first ever meta-bollywood movie.
e) making me laugh my ass off for nearly 3 hours.
f) making me fall in love with Deepika(as noted in the letter above)
g) not letting King Khan overshadow everyone else while extracting a very very tempered performance.
h) giving almost all her crew a scene or two in the movie.
i) remaking Karz in such an awesome way
j) making Arjun Rampal actually you know, emote! (i kid because i love)

Rating(for bollywood fans/buffs): Go.See.Now! Multiple times!!

Rating(for brainiacs/intellectuals/rest of the world) meh.