2 in one music review – plus talk among yourselves!

Delhi 6 by AR Rahman and Dev D by Amit Bhattacharya

Delhi 6 is a solid Rahman album, with a lot of melding of genres into a very comfortable, friendly soundtrack. not his best work by far, but better than most of his projects in 2008 – quite a bit better than the slumdog millionaire soundtrack IMO. ‘Arziyan‘, a qawwali and ‘Genda Phool‘ deserve special mention. the original single ‘Masakalli’ is ok, but a little annoying due to heavy rotation.

Dev D is a bit of a musical rollercoaster ride. the music director in interviews prior to album release, promised a sampling of every musical style familiar to bollywood and he really doesn’t leave many stones unturned in this effort. from classical to bhangra to rock to the brass band emosanal attyachar posted earlier on this blog, there’s nothing significant that’s not there. LOT of fun for the bollywood buffs and even for those new to it. apart from the previously mentioned song, the classical infused ‘Paayaliya‘ and the surprisingly catchy ‘Nayan Tarse‘ are a lot of fun.

overall 2009 has had a great musical start, with amazing music from the above two as well as previously mentioned Luck By Chance

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