Rock on, indeed

so…..i went and watched a movie called “Rock On!!“. It was really really good. way better than i expected. this could be because i have not tuned into the hype, either on radio(gone with my phone) and on TV(dad’s got a vulcan deathgrip on the remote)

I am impressed at the production’s quality, both behind and in front of the camera. It’s primarily intended for an urban audience. Usually, in india that means certain death, because the vast majority of the populace is still not urban. however, the basic theme of compromise could connect, but i’m not sure that it will simply because the premises are so alien. the story revolves around members of a rock band(Magik) which forms in college, breaks up at the cusp of hitting the really big time, and then reunites in the climax. the story follows the trend of recent indian films like ‘Rang De Basanti’ which include parallel storylines, one of which is a flashback. performances from all the actors was quite convincing, especially Luke Kenny(Rob) and Shahana Goswami(Debbie). The camera work and attention to lighting is of very high quality. the whole movie has a very westernized, yet indian look. that’s appropriate given the upscale audience this movie is marketed to. the highlight, centrepiece, piece de resistance, etc., however, is the music. composed by the extremely talented trio of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy the authentic rock music is very clean sounding(albeit sometimes too clean) and is extremely catchy. (right up my alley, at least). vocals by the lead actor are again very well done as are the supporting female vocals(there are about 3 of those). the concert scenes are very well choreographed and reflect to an extent the commitment the performers had. they all learnt to play their respective instruments for this movie apparently. there are also some very funny scenes and interesting twists throughout the movie. however, i was not really convinced about the ending, which seemed to tragically return to formula. also Prachi Desai(Saakshi), whose role starts off very well, disappears in the second half and is reduced to a few cutscenes here and there(smile, laugh, be part of the audience). I was also somewhat disappointed by Joe‘s moustache. it looked really fake. I am also convinced that they took K.D’s personality from me